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Engineering Services

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Hardware Design

We design MCU based printed circuit boards (using Altium Designer) capable of running Stratify OS. This includes schematic design, PCB layout, prototyping, testing and manufacturing support.

System Firmware

Stratify OS is a application-based microcontroller operating system. Once we set up the system firmware, your application engineers be able to read/write files and connect to the internet similarly to how they would with embedded Linux.

Application Development

We do embedded systems application development on Stratify OS. We can also help you with a Windows/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android/Web application that connects to Stratify OS-powered product.

Powered by Stratify OS

We help companies build products that are powered by our free operating system:Stratify OS. We can provide custom board support packages including things like device drivers, TCP/IP stacks, and graphics. You can off-load your entire hardware and firmware development to us or just pay for support for your Stratify OS-powered product.

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