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The portfolio items is a list of select projects over the last 10+ years developing products both for clients and internally.


Stratify Toolbox#


Internally developed. Coming soon on Crowd Supply

Portable Camera Portable Camera

  • Stratify OS
  • Embedded Touch Display
  • USB Bootloader
  • OTA Updates
  • Wifi
  • Embedded Web Server
  • SD Card with FATFS
  • QSPI Flash Filesystem
  • ARM SWD Master port
  • Touch Sensor Power Button
  • Plastic Injection Molded Case

Fogo Smart Flashlight#

Fogo Flashlight

  • Stratify OS
  • Embedded Display (Low-Power Sunlight Readable)
  • GPS
  • LED Light Controller
  • 2x18650 Lithium Battery Management
  • LORA Low Power Radio with Voice Codec
  • SD Card FATFS Filesystem

Portable, Wearable Camera#

Portable Camera

  • Stratify OS
  • Embedded Display
  • Camera
  • Bluetooth

Smart Headphones#

Portable Camera

  • Stratify OS
  • USB Bootloader
  • Embedded Display
  • USB to Audio Processing

Apiqe Commercial Water System#

Water System

  • Stratify OS
  • USB Bootloader
  • Hydraulic Flow Sensors
  • Hydraulic Solenoid Control


Stratify OS#

Stratify OS is a source-available commercial microcontroller operating system. A license to use Stratify OS is including in all of our client engagements.

  • Application Based Microcontroller Operating System
  • Deployed to thousands of devices in industrial and consumer applications
  • Highly integrated with ARM Cortex M specialized hardware features
  • Device Drivers for most STM32 MCUs

C++ API Framework#

The API framework is a collection of open source (MIT licensed) C++ libraries targeted for Stratify OS, Linux, MacOS and Windows. The high-level design includes:

  • Thread Local Error Contexts
  • Method Chaining
  • Strong Arguments
  • RAII Everywhere
  • Filesystem Abstractions

Read more about the API framework design.

The libraries include: